Superhero Me – Hunt for Gold


Superhero Me – Hunt for Gold


Superhero Me


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Why do hunters hunt animals when they can hunt for gold?

A seven-year-old boy has an impossible dream of bringing extinct animals back to life. He sets out on a journey of discovery through art to build his understanding of biodiversity. Mentored by artist Lee Wan Xiang, Git Yu, who has autism, found art as a channel to express his fascination with animals and hopes humans will play their part to protect animals. From a boy who hardly spoke much two years ago, an inclusive early education has helped Git Yu learn how to communicate better.

Working with Git Yu’s raw drawings gave us much creative room to explore the myriad of possibilities and outcomes. This Superhero Me publication not only conveys a little boy's hopes and dreams, but also demonstrates how the arts can be harnessed creatively for social advocacy.

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